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By sbwoodside (registered) - website | Posted September 29, 2010 at 14:29:31

Once again the Tiger Cats are offering a zero dollar value contribution.

They're going to operate the stadium -- that sounds nice -- but then it turns out we're going to pay them an administrative stipend to operate the stadium. So we're paying the operation costs after all.

Next, they're offering to buy part of the CP Lands. Cool! They're contributing! But wait, not so fast. They're not going to buy land for the stadium. No, that would be too helpful. Instead they're going to buy other land, outside of the stadium and parking area, so that they can develop it and make some money off the stadium that we're building for them.

Finally, in exchange for them doing absolutely nothing to help build the stadium, we'll give them the naming rights, which will generate a tidy sum for them, and a nice surcharge that they can add to every ticket sale.

So all in all, the Tiger Cats propose that we not only give them a stadium for free, but that we let them pick our pockets as well while we're at it.

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