Comment 47882

By z jones (registered) | Posted September 17, 2010 at 17:31:33

the ti-cats , hostco and now finally the city has admitted as such.

Nice try. The Ticats say the West Harbour won't work, after saying that it would work, but they still refuse to show any analysis proving it won't work. HostCo only says it won't work without the Ticats, not that it won't work period. And the City only says it won't work without HostCo, who only say it won't work without the Ticats.

See? It's Ticats all the way down. There's no other reason it won't work, and the Ticats won't actually show us their reason, they just say trust their "experts".

And by the way, it's spelled "immature". Oh, was that immature?

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