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By realfreeenterpriser (registered) | Posted September 16, 2010 at 11:01:30

A thing of beauty! Great work, Graham.

Although far from being an economics graduate, I immediately recognized this "report" as pure fantasy and so obviously unrealistic that, I would hope, even members of City Council could see through it.

If the Tiger-Cats had shared this analysis with Barack Obama PRIOR to the recession, he could have expanded the NFL by a team or two and avoided the whole sorry affair.

The Tiger-Cats have clearly stolen a few pages from the federal government's playbook. The first indicator is the use of "10 year" estimates to inflate not much into a paper perception of something. Memo to Bob Young: ten A cup bras won't get you into Playboy.

The second is the use of "person years" of employment. Real people care about steady, fulltime, jobs not a dozen or so days of work per year for 30 people. At the very least, the Tiger-Cat's could have been consistent and juxtaposed their 10 year economic forecasts with "person decades" of employment.

It's interesting that taxes are framed as "across all levels of government" and any mention of a "direct" benefit to Hamilton taxpayers (the people who are subsidizing Bob Young to the greatest degree) in the form of increased assessment, building permit fees, development charges, property taxes, rent, paying for police, concessions and HSR, etcetera is conspicuously absent. But don't worry, that's only because there isn't any.

Based on the Tiger-Cats' numbers, I'm suggesting that we immediately turn the HAAA grounds into a dirt track stock car facility and none of us should ever have to pay taxes again.

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