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By highwater (registered) | Posted September 05, 2010 at 12:41:31

HamiltonFan, Bob most certainly did bring forth the Innovation Park site. It was one of the ten locations that they suggested during Fenn's failed arbitration, and he brought it forth again on this very website to bolster his claim that the ticats weren't interested in any downtown sites, although it's quite a stretch to call the Innovation Park downtown.

I agree with you though that they haven't studied it, but then they haven't seriously studied any of the sites they suggested, nor have they studied the WH in enough depth to support their claims about it.

And spare us the crocodile tears over the poor WH residents. The Innovation Park site will hurt this city more than the WH site will, plain and simple. I doubt very much BY would be pretentious enough to describe himself in moral terms as you have, but since you have injected morality into this debate, I am more than happy to go there.

WH is the moral choice because of all the sites on the table, it is the one which will hurt this city the least. Anyone who knowingly supports a site that hurts this city more than WH has no claim to the moral highground.

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