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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted September 04, 2010 at 20:02:53

35 Wins 74 Losses 1 Tie. That is the biggest reason Bob Young loses money with the Tiger Cats. The team's record during his tenure as owner. They have stunk! But he's too busy having sugar plum fairy dreams about building "Bob World" with Osmington to get a grip on that small fact and worry more about building his brand than building a real estate empire.

Winning breeds success and profitability period. It doesn't matter where the stadium is. Case in point the Detroit Red Wings. They stunk in the early to mid eighties playing in the Joe Louis Arena. Poor attendance, lousy record, poor merchandising, small but vocal fan base. (Sound familiar?) Enter Mike Illitch. A man smart enough to know he didn't know squat about hockey and began hiring people who did. Scouting, drafting, coaching, players all improved and we know what happened. Stanley Cups and perennial playoff appearances. Attendance blossomed, corporate sponsorship, merchandising exploded, regional tv, etc etc. Profitability and franchise worth rise. What didn't change? The Red Wings STILL PLAY AT JOE LOUIS ARENA!

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