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By brian (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 18:29:17

That 200 million amount would also take into account land that has to be paid for or other things, roads etc. A 150 million dollar stadium isnt exactly world class these days but would be nicer than the current stadium. An no an amphitheater will not necessarily make money, hamilton place has far more events than would be possible there and doesnt make money. The stadium itself wont make money either..thats exactly why you dont throw a extra 80-100 million at something like a CFL team. There is this assumption the place is going to just full of events and will be profitable and everything will be just great. It simply isnt true..if other CFL (Outdoor) stadiums arent usually profitable there is no reason to believe the Hamilton one will be. The very few teams that have been profitable have been basically because of ticket sales period. Copps can have more events..and different kind of events that arent possible events and it is also open year round and doesnt make money. There is such a short time to put events into outdoor stadiums in Canada besides football, its typically between june-sept. Football itself would take around 8 of the primetime friday/saturday nights...a soccer team would take more. There is only a few events that would warrant more seats than Copps for an event as well.

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