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By brian (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 13:21:09

Yes Hamilton fan elton john left with huge sums of money because he filled that arena and deserves every penny. That concert still paid more in rent and the city profited more money from that one concert than the ticats pay rent in an entire year. It is no different than a store in a mall they pay rent, they dont get a discount just because they are a sports store. I can remember around 15-20 years ago the jockey club bar moved because the taxes were around 100,000 per year. If they were paying a reasonble amount of rent i could see it but the rent per game works out to less the 100 tickets. If the ticats keep winning they will average more than 25,000 this year in a stadium that costs far less to run than a entire new one would. You couldnt charge too much at Ivor Wynne for rent that is true but the amount they pay isnt even enough to keep the lights on for the use they get out of it.

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