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By brian (registered) | Posted August 30, 2010 at 11:50:56

Hamilton fan "Is Copps a subsidy to a music group that hasn't put a dime into the arena, unlike BY that has actually put in some millions into IWS, but comes into town for a day or two and leaves with a lot of money?. Do really think they dont pay money to have a concert in there?..are you real serious with that comment?. They are paying far more than $3000 dollars per concert. Elton John had over million dollar gross and paid more than the ticats do in an entire season for that. Not only that the city gets the concession money (unlike Ivor Wynne) ..The amount the ticats put into Ivor Wynne is no more than what the city has put in. The fact he lost so much money has nothing to do with the stadium it has to do with that fact he has won 28% of his games..which is very similar to the Detriot other words about the worst in all of sports. The lions attendance a few years ago was 61,000 per game last year it was 49,000..i wonder why.

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