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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 18:31:06

Chris Angel - I have already clearly answered your questions posed after my Peach Festival comment. To re-cap for you in more detail: 1) Question, "How are the 18+ lots referred to by Ryan in another post to be coordinated to provide parking?" My answer, simple organization. Have the lots numbered and colour coded with signs for events, or have guys with orange flags directing people as happens now around Copps. Clear signage throughout the city directing people to shuttle bus lots. Maps provided by the Ti-Cats when tickets are purchased. Links from the Ti-Cats, Spectator and City web sites with maps to shuttle bus serviced lots. For a competent planner this is an easy job to put together. 2) Question, "Any idea what a pain in the ass cruising 18+ lots will be during a peak traffic event?" My answer, I don't find going to any event in any city a pain in the ass. I know where I'm going ahead of time. I plan my route. I have 2-3 places I will park at in my head before I leave so I don't have to drive in circles getting frustrated. Life is sooo short, why get all upset over parking at a CFL game when I can leave early, get a spot I like and have a great game in the stands.

Your turn....

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