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By brian (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 13:10:54

That maybe fine and true but those parking lots arent exclusively used just for sporting events. Lots of people look for cheaper parking so they arent being charged $20-25. Plenty of people find it much easier just to take the TTC because the traffic. Ask raptor/leafs fans and you will see alot of them not parking at all or looking for a cheap place to park. Lots of people walk from Union Station to the dome and walk up those damn ramps to the upper levels. There is no time ever you can compare Hamilton traffic to Toronto traffic. I still go by other CFL stadiums that dont have any onsite parking like Edmontons, you park at the lrt/bus lots (for free)..than take the bus/lrt (free). I know people are getting fat and lazy these days but please...have you ever gone to a mall and walked through it. No matter what is going on in Toronto or a place that size you usualy end up searching for a parking lot.and when events are on its worse.

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