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By cityfan (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 10:22:33

Brian said, 'Im sure Toronto wants the toronto-hamilton area to itself. It doesnt matter if we could support a NHL team or a MLS team as long as we are 45 miles from there its probably not going to happen.' For the most part I cannot disagree with him.

MLSE owns TFC and we all know about how they operate. It has become clear that they own all the league rights that make money (NHL, NBA, MLS) but they have this business sense that they need to control the market here as well and not grow the sport and create competition so more people will get involved and go to more games. It's disgusting to be near that kind of business attitude and monopoly that actually hurts other regions from taking part to create a fan base. Hence to business minds of billionairs. MLS will have to clarify it stance on this but you have a point Brian. A very good point.

We can stil have a NASL team if someone else bids for one because BY can only holds the rights if he has a stadium to play in. Looks like he is leaving by the looks of it. But like Andrea says everything is changing by the hour!

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