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By Enterprise (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 09:25:20

Beautifully written, Ryan. 100% agreement from me. I back mayor Fred. He's done a remarkable job with a council that's as difficult to keep on point as herding cats. They came together for about 5 minutes, & then dissolved into chaos as usual.

As for whatever deal they come up with, I want to see a detailed line by line report of exactly how many tax $$'s we are donating to a small business who is clearly running the show here (with insiders at all levels of our fed & prov governments, who by the way, are using our tax $'s as well.)

At this point, I am turned off by this whole thing. The cats can stay at the old stadium, I don't support any new site, I don't want the pan am games, I don't want a new stadium. Let's spend our tax $$ on properly planned projects instead.

I will be voting very very carefully in future elections: civic, provincial, federal. I have now had a taste of activism & will work tirelessly to clean the slate & get people installed who are transparent & accountable in their work on behalf of the voters &taxpayers...I know I speak for many boomers who are retired or nearing retirement. We are Bz savvy, educated & will have some time on our hands. We will be changing the game.

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