Comment 46534

By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted August 28, 2010 at 13:09:18

seancb Ask people in Flamborough how they feel about "sharing their tax revenues". I am not in Flamborough but I do recognize that those who have watched it become the highest taxed township in Canada might not care much if the core dropped to the center of the earth. People who are having their pockets picked in the name of regional disparity are seldom as charitable about the process as you imply. Don't take my word for it keep on advocating funneling money into the core you will find out just how quickly this issue can become more divisive than it already is. You will probably deny that it is but it is another reason support is wavering for a WH site. Why don't you ask me if I am for real when the WH option collapses. Perhaps then you would be prepared to acknowledge that my take on Canadian politics is more grounded than your own? I will bow before the wisdom of WH site supporters if I am wrong and a stadium is built there. How about you?

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