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By concerned (anonymous) | Posted August 28, 2010 at 10:18:10

I just returned from a visit to the Killman Zoo with my family and was appalled by the condition of the entire operation. I am not a radical animal lover by any means, but I was attracted to the zoo by the signs on the 403 highway and the interest my young children have in animals. The enclosures were home made and I was fearful that any of these large cats could easily breach them. It does not even come close to what the standard is at the metro zoo in T.O. There was no room for any movement for the animals anywhere, the entire place was unsanitary, and the signs warning that animals could spray should be an obvious sign that people are allowed too close. I can't believe that these places are allowed to operate and that the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario is endorsing them by allowing a blue tourist sign on the highway. I would not recommend this zoo to anyone and have made a personal point of spreading the news that this place does not treat animals with any decent amount of care, especially that they are being bred there. Just based on sanitary conditions alone, the government should shut the place down because of the lack of running water, hand sanitizer, washroom facilities and the proximity of animal feces, urine and spray. Can't the public health unit get involved here?

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