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Brian Cooper has over 25 years’ experience in a wide variety of executive positions throughout the sports and entertainment industry. He founded Insight Sports Ltd., a well-known broadcast/production company and built properties like: The NHL Network, GOL TV, The World Fishing Network, Gold Rush 2002, Ultimate Gretzky, and the long-running TV series, The Business of Sports. Brian was VP Operations and Business Development at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and was part of the executive team that created and launched the Raptors brand experience (an innovative blend of entertainment, sport and music). He was also President and COO of the Toronto Argonauts and was credited with the revival of football in the Toronto marketplace in the 1990s. Brian currently sits on the charitable boards of the Wayne Gretzky Foundation and Canada Basketball. In December 2007, The Globe & Mail named Brian as one of the top 25 most influential figures in Canadian sport.

Bernie Mullin: Dr. Bernie Mullin is the first non-American to hold the position of President of a US Major League Professional team, and he ran two of them at the same time, the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers plus world-class Philips Arena, the 4th most profitable arena in North America. British-born, Mullin has over thirty years of experience in Sports, Entertainment and Higher Education in senior executive roles producing outstanding results.

I think that Michael Fenn made a huge error in accepting the Ticats' "driveway to driveway" claim, it was based on their own highly flawed "research" (survey of existing fans). The claim is only sustainable if that view is held throughout the catchment area, something only a poll could have told us.

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