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By arienc (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 11:44:01 discussing Aldershot/Confederation Park as the only two options, I'm speaking from what I view to be the perspective of the Pan Am games comittee as well as the Tiger-Cats.

Unfortunately, we must look at this realistically. Bob Young is blind to the potential of the WH and refuses to budge on it. He is content to stay away from negotiations as long as there apears to be a chance that some city might give him the deal he wants.

We know that Hostco needs

a) a public transit component (such as GO train access), and

b) a business plan that includes a major tenant after the Games end.

If the City remains steadfast on West Harbour, or even compromises on a Longwood site or (yuck) the Lafarge one, Hamilton will only receive enough federal/provincial funding for a 5 to 7 thousand seat stadium.

This would guarantee the end of the political career of most members of City Council, and also guarantee the end of the Ti-Cats in Hamilton.

So effectively, Hamilton would get the preliminary games and Parapan games that were originally slated to go to Burlington, and nothing more. I'm not sure that would be an acceptable outcome for the city.

And in that case we'd still have Hostco looking for a venue for the bigger games and the Ti-Cats looking for a new home, as Bob Young made it clear from the day he bought the Cats that he'd be moving the team unless a new stadium is built.

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