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By brian (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 09:27:20

Winnipeg 2009..this is Winnipeg financial statement number

Total game revenue $5.1 mill CFL Revenue $1.8 mill Football revenue $5.3 mill Stadium Revenue $2.2 mill

Total Corporate Revenue and Other Revenue $9.3 million

Total Operating Revenue $14.47 million

Operating Expenses

Football Operations $8.6 million Marketing and Admin $3.3 million Stadium Occupancy $2.7 million Other Charges $66 thousand

Totals $14.8 million

Net Income (loss) from operation (- $391 thousand)

There was extra loss for restructuring and a big severance they had to pay of 981 thousand resulting in a net (loss) of -$1,202,004

Take out that stadium occupancy you have a total of around 12 million.for expenses...Hamilton most be in that range or relatively close because Edmontons was in the same range as Winnipeg around that 14.8 million area.

Winnipeg Season Ticket $3.2 million Game Day Revenue $1.8 million Sponsorship $3.8 million CFL revenue $1.8 million

           Total   $14.4 million

2009 Revenue Breakdown (%) Sponsorship 26% , Season Tickets 23% , Other 16%, Game day 14%, CFL 13%, Concessions 7%, Merchandise 1%

Given all these numbers i had a great big laugh when Bob Young stated he could lose 7 million at the harbor..but anyway

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