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By brian (registered) | Posted August 27, 2010 at 09:25:14

The riders made a profit of 3.1 million for 2009....i hope you didnt mean 13 million. TSN "The Roughriders announced a record profit of $3.1 million for 2009 at their annual general meeting Saturday. The franchise also exceeded the $30-million plateau in total gross revenue. "Amazingly, the Riders sold $7.1 million in merchandise last season, an increase of nine per cent from 2008. The merchanise sales is a big part of that profit they sell in one game as much as Hamilton does in all their games. Here is Winnipegs fiancial statement breakdown in % for Revenue

2009 Revenue Breakdown (%) Sponsorship 26% , Season Tickets 23% , Other 16%, Game day 14%, CFL 13%, Concessions 7%, Merchandise 1%

They only gain 1% of revenue from merchandise..i bet Hamilton isnt much better..just constrast that to football mad Saskatchewan.

..All this doesnt matter anymore because the Harbor location is dead even if we want it. The will only fund for a 5-7 thousand seat stadium (without the ticats being there)..and nobody will go with that when we have Mcmaster already. If they don't pick an alternate site and quick..its over the Pan Am stadium is finished.

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