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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 11:18:05

Not only would they have to come up with maybe 100 million the would have to decide location and other things and it doesn't happen just like that. They would have to agree on a Pan AM stadium with no guarantee the ticats would play there or like a location they picked. I like how all these places come forward when they dont even know if people care about the CFL to begin with. Without extra money from the government taxes would have to go up and how for would that go these days. If any of these places were serious about the CFL they would have sent out letters and information to the CFL years ago and they havent. I dont think operating a stadium just for a CFL team and a occasional concert or other event in a place like Oshawa, Burlington, Milton, Moncton would come even close to breaking even. Maybe these people that keep expressing interest in the Ticats can look at how very few teams have even made a profit the last 30 years.

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