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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted August 05, 2010 at 15:21:45

In a nut shell Bear Butte!

I live in IW area and yes some take the bus or walk there if they live near by, but most drive. RTH posters are often smuggly anti car talking as if most people could function with out one. I believed that too in 1973. I held out for 5 years but since I wasn't involved in an occupation where they were considered optional I could restrict my employment opportunities or get a vehicle. Since I was in high school the promise of 1st rate public transit has been "just around the corner". Count your self lucky if you are in a situation where car ownership is optional. At this point in time I do not believe it is even (realistically) possible for most people. While it would be nice to walk to your local stadium that is only possible for a few. Most will drive and want to park preferably as close as possible to the stadium. I know many of you who choose to live in the core walk more than in other parts of the city where there are fewer shopping or other venues within walking distance. Not everyone CAN do this and of those who can many do not want a "brisk 10 minute stroll". I really believe the majority want convenient parking. This is why our shopping malls are full while downtown goes wanting for customers. Parking and highway access are key to filling a stadium not charming little restaurants, shops or galleries.

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