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By not a stadium supporter (anonymous) | Posted August 04, 2010 at 11:06:41

At first I was all for the West Harbour site and if pushed, that is still my preference. But what I would really like to see is all this money that would go to a stadium instead go into the city itself. Clean up all these toxic nightmares being uncovered, spend it on helping revitalize the city and helping its people, something a stadium no matter where it is built will do little directly for.

If anything is pushing me back towards supporting the harbour site it is the tiger Cats ultimatums. I mean come on what besides dissapointment have they brought our city for years. Even if they were winning, this does little for the rest of the city. And for this "gift" we are supposed to dump all our money into ticat hands? Look at thei location for their store! it is downtown but unless you know where it is you will probably never find it because it is off the main road on a street with virtually no traffic and with no promotion.

I went there the other day and I was the only person there and the 1 staff did not stop typing the entire time I was there. Yeah I have soooo much confidence in their ability to pick locations. and they abandoned Jackson Square for this???

I have not looked into what corporate Hamilton supports but even if the are under the ticats paws, the business community rarely comes out in the people's interest and since it is greenspace they wish to pave, Hamilton's track record their points to the great probability the city will eventually cave.

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