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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted July 30, 2010 at 19:18:27

Although the West Harbour location is clearly better in every regard than the East Mountain, I'm not convinced about an amphitheatre. I live nearby, a few blocks walk from Bayfront Park, and there's something we all need to keep in mind.

Between Bayfront park and the proposed stadium site is a very large and very loud train yard. Maybe not the biggest problem for sporting events, but I'm not sure that it'd go well with classical music. It isn't just that it's loud (and few things that don't explode are louder than building a freight train), but my house literally shakes when these things roll by. Not saying you couldn't soundproof against it, but it'd be a pain. Just something to note.

And the site is not far from downtown. 10 minutes of brisk walking from Jackson Square. Nothing compared to the kind of hikes we all take when we go wandering Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. And there's a free Bayfront shuttle bus that does it, too. If this isn't enough, a Barton St light rail (one of the busiest bus routes in Hamilton) would be moments away, as would a conversion of Liuna Station back into a Go Station (why hasn't this happened yet?). And it would bring tons of foot traffic to James North, which runs right to the doorstep of the WH.

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