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By goin'downtown (registered) | Posted July 30, 2010 at 15:25:26

Thanks for bringing some basic truths back into the light, Ryan. Yes, indeed, this entire Pan Am Games bid was initiated, by Mayor Eisenberger, to a) give Hamilton some much needed international attention to encourage future investment, and b) revitalize the downtown/WH. Period. And it was accepted as such. By all parties involved. We should stick with that, or like Kim Arnott's Spec editorial asserted today, take a pass and get back to important Hamilton-centric issues sans Pan Am Games.

Live Nation has given the nod to a WH amphitheatre; and investors have come out of the woodwork with bloody awesome vision and money for WH development. Bob Young already has approval to apply for an MLS team (although that will probably be renegged if no EM stadium comes to fruition). Many people have written of the unmatched intimacy of IWS; maybe it deserves some attention. There will be other opportunties for Hamilton to shine on the international map.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the WH is a hands-down winner over the EM location for a stadium (I truly cannot figure out exactly why Young's so anti-WH); but I choose Hamilton as a whole over a new Hamilton Stadium in the wrong locale.

As for Di Ianni's postion on this, his quote in The Spec was "I would have taken the Tiger-Cats and the stakeholders and said, 'Let's walk along this path together.'" From the amount of validity that has been given to the citizen supporters of the WH location, I would presume that we are not considered "stake holders."

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