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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 21, 2010 at 12:24:23

This makes us a big city. It really does. This kind of money coming in (and it better be all private monies with that kind of grandiose design), changes Hamilton and starts a trend. I am not sure that's the trend I envision for our city.

I know change is good but I am more of a 'everybody's changing and I don't feel the same' kind of guy.

Red Hill, a bigger airport (just a dream right now for the city), what has happend to Mount Hope and Binbrook. I don't see any of that as good change.

Why do we need/desire to be a big city? Do we have 'little guy' syndrome being so close to Toronto?

My favorite song by a local musician(s), is 'Little Big City' by 'The Responsibles'. I like being a little big city.

I don't have all the answers and I am not sure what that balance is between big and small city. Maybe I need to start dreaming on a larger scale with all aspects of my life (including where I live), but Hamilton is so lucky to have what we have in it's core from entertainment and what not, to being a few minutes from the paradise that is the open country lands and spots like Binbrook conservation area that surrounds us.

Look at the very beautiful 50 point conservation area as well. Surrounded by development. It has lost it's 'out in the woods' appeal and it is a crying shame.

If this becomes the new vision for the harbour, my vote will get changed because on the last day, my vote was going to be for the Harbour because I want to see it change. But there is something about today's 'dream' in the Spec, that has my stomach turning.

Maybe it's just the whole dome thing.

Binbrook is ruined forever as is Mount Hope. Urban sprawl is not my vision for the city I have known all of my life.

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