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By jason (registered) | Posted July 18, 2010 at 16:15:40

I've read all of these articles and all the comments and have come to this sad Hamilton conclusion - this is all about parking.
To say that a 2-lane Linc is going to be a breeze for people to arrive to a stadium is pure garbage and everyone knows it. Will Stonechurch, Rymal, Highland, Mud and other area streets be converted to 4-5 lane streets like all of the main roads at the doorstep of West Harbour? If Hamilton was flat, the Ticats would be a laughing-stock for even trying to suggest that Queen/Barton is nowhere near the 403. Look at a Google Map people. Or go drive it. It's mere minutes from the 403.

The Cats have been a joke of a team for over a decade and still saw over 25,000 people at last week's game. Did they all arrive by helicopter? IWS is way more inaccessible by highways than the west harbour. West harbour is minutes from the 403 which links to the Linc, QEW, Highway 6 etc....

as is usually the case in little old, hick Hamilton, this is about parking money. nothing more. we might be one of the only cities left anywhere that does the wrong thing over and over just so a few people can charge $15 for cars to park. get real.

Other cities might have hope that council will do the right thing, but look around our city..... They won't.

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