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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 17, 2010 at 11:33:05

Why would they? Kiely says its ok! - Bob Innes

Come on Bob, I left grade school a long time ago.

BTW, i hope all that used lube oil is being recycled - Bob Innes

You think they recycle oil in the middle of Indonesia, Africa or Central America? Of course they don't, that's why the numbers presented are even more important. The best many sites will do is use the old oil in blasting operations.

I don't know what it is Bob but sometimes in discussing things with you I'm left thinking you don't get out much.

i would prefer that we listen to MacKillop rather than your argument,- Bob Innes

Of course you would. Doom and gloom appeals to some "demographics". I prefer a positive approach to solving problems you like sky-is-falling, chicken little type stuff. That's fine by me.

I think Undustrial would say no, i think he'd be right. - Bob Innes

Debating with other people's opinions now Bob??? You do love putting words in people's mouths don't you?

However, i argue against the idea that windmills and conventional solar will EVER get much cheaper. There is already lots of competition, we probably saw the 2nd last big advance with thin film and both sun and wind are dispersed. Oh, i'm sure 10-20% reduction is within reach but how do you improve a propeller, a 100 yr old technology or an electric generater (150 yrs) or a big pole (how old is that)? Better fibres will only go so far. Solar collectors tend to have glass covers which will only increase with the price of oil. - Bob Innes

This whole paragraph reveals your level of ignorance. You really think they haven't improved the generator???

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