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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 15, 2010 at 08:45:17

Undustrial, we're pretty much on the same wavelength, which might explain some of my frustration /discouragement re Kiely's techno-enthusiasm. - Bob Innes

Enough with the exaggeration Bob. I believe there are problems that can be solved/alleviated through the use of currently available and viable technology. It is hardly "blind faith" in science as WRCU2 declared or "techno-enthusiasm" (whatever the hell that is). You want to debate, let's debate. If you want to exaggerate my stance or put words in my mouth, I have no time for that.

I find it pretty rich that people using computers and the internet to broadcast their opinions are espousing opinions that view technology so negatively.

In grade 11 physics, i think we called this effect hysteresis. - Bob

Ironic choice of words Bob.

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