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By MattJelly (registered) - website | Posted July 14, 2010 at 18:42:25

"I can't believe the whiners on this site like Jelly who has his head out of a stupor long enough to create the illusion of caring." - TicatFanHamiltonFirst

Unless of course you're directing this at my brother Dan, I don't understand why this attack is being made- I haven't commented on this article. I get the sense from your comments that you might be responding to something I might have said on facebook? Why not just level this attack at me where the original offending comments were made? Oh, maybe because you'd have to attach your name to your comments that way. It's much easier to hop onto another site and attack me anonymously- I get it. But come on, have some guts.

I care quite a bit, stupor or not. I care that $100 Million of our taxdollars are being spent on a Stadium in the first place- not a proven method for economic development. Between the two sites, the East Mountain is a far less beneficial investment- the team intends to have a business model where they suck up all the ancillary benefits- there aren't existing businesses at the Red Hill site which would benefit greatly as a result of the Stadium. So why would we subsidize the team this way? It's a direct bailout if you ask me.

The legacy would be much greater if the City would just take both sites currently under consideration and developed them, selling the land to a business that doesn't require massive government subsidies to make their business function. Remediate the land at the West Harbour, do sensible residential development and a bit of light commercial. Buy the property from the province at Red Hill and the Link, and sell it to the long line up of developers who are so eager to develop now that the road is built. Wait, what? There's no lineup? Fuck. I guess that's why we have to throw another $100 Million of public dollars at Red Hill- to make it look like it worked.

I know I say things that others find offensive sometimes, and I welcome disagreement and even vigorous argument. But come on, at least believe in your words enough to attach your name to them. Don't be shy. Don't be ashamed. Talk to me, baby.

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