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By slodrive (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 16:59:23

Reading through these articles, comments -- as well as the activity on -- I think we all need to step back and recognize that this is really something special and cool.

Sure, other cities have had enriching debates about where to put stadiums and/or other public facilities -- but how many of those cities have active participation in the public discussion by the stakeholders?

I'm consistently blown away by Bob Young's involvement in these discussions -- it's extremely refreshing. Whether I agree with him or not -- which, it seems I waver mostly in the 'not' category -- it fills me with great optimism that the stewards of our city seem to legitimately care.

Not only does that foster my Hammer-town pride, it's certainly sold me more than a few Ticat tickets during the lean years.

I don't for a second think that Bob doesn't have the interests of revitalizing this city at heart. His manner in which to reach that goal may be different than some of ours. But the goal is the same. I believe Bob envisions a downtown very similar to what we all do.

I'll continue voicing my support for a downtown stadium -- because that's what I believe is best for the Cats and the city. But I sure respect the position Bob Young is taking as well. I don't see this as being a "Mayor vs. Bob" or "City vs. Cats" conflict at all. Let's not turn it into that. Everyone is driving toward the same goal. And from what I know of most civic initiatives on this continent, that's pretty rare.

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