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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2010 at 11:38:11

Great interview, Ryan! I love that Bob approached you on this.

I have great respect for him and wouldn't mind some quality one on one time with the man myself. I admire what he has done to save the Tiger-Cats and little things like how he gets involved in the Tiger-Cats forums. Not many leaders will do that. Even though I can't get my head around the east mountain, I truly believe his heart and his genuine concern for the cities and teams well being is first and foremost in his heart. Just because he doesn't see eye-to-eye with council, I know he still believes in the people and I think weather we agree on the east mountain or not, I think we have to give him that.

One other thing I don't like to hear, is him talking about moving the team. In my eyes, he might as well sell it and let it fall, rather than move it and think it can be sustainable elsewhere. Perhaps under a new name it could be. ie Toronto Bad Boys. I know where he is getting at though.

I think the biggest question I would like to pose, is how many of us in this city, truly feel any of the proposed locations are right in your hearts. Looking at the broader picture and not just wanting a revitalized waterfront, or a stadium with high accessibility. Think beyond the city and Cats agreeing to disagree.

Who really believes the waterfront works for the Cats? Who really feels the east mountain site works for the city?

There is so much about this that I don't understand, but I know there is just something that doesn't feel right.

Take my video. It may be a far fetched pipe dream, but is there a way to make both sides happy with the CFL in one place and a separate venue on the waterfront to suit other needs? I know we are running out of time and these are discussions that should have been happening a long time ago, but there truly has to be a happy medium here?

This city doesn't have a lot of money. If we mess this up, we are stuck with it. We are lucky to have an arena like Copps and a stadium like Ivor Wynne whether you think the latter should go or not. Look at Windsor. It's a pretty big area. They have to go across to Detroit to see a professional sports game or a concert. We have the Bullodgs (I know they are a farm team but it's some darn good, fast, hard hitting hockey), and one of the last sports that is truly Canadian, the CFL.

Many other big cities would love to have what we have and if we don’t do this right, one of them will. We currently have the luxury of being a city that has something that doesn’t exist for at least an hour or so either way. Some go to Toronto for their sporting, concert, and entertainment needs, some go to Hamilton. Put an arena in between, and what does that take away from this city?

I know we can't please everyone, but we have to be able to find a place where it may not have been our first choice, but as a whole, we are happy and excited about that vision of our cities future.

Perhaps we need to let the Pan Am thing slide to make the right choice here. The Cats already said, as one poster pointed out on another story, a plan to stay viable for another 20 years. Let’s go back to that plan. Then, we talk to the Edmonton investors about a musical venue for our waterfront to move ahead with that revitalization vision.

I know the Cats seem to want to get out of the Balsam site, but the fans seem to love it. Still go for those two Grey Cups and as a city, we can make them work this time. Then, we continue to put together a plan for a future home for the Tiger-Cats over the next how many years, and wait for the next games to come around or the funds from somewhere else to build a new stadium, and be much better prepared for that process, and at a place where everyone is in mutual agreement as to where that stadium should go. A stadium built first and foremost, with a football, both professional and community, vision in mind. Not so many different visions.

I think the problem with all of this, is that the city wants one thing with their whole heart and have many citizens on their side. The Tiger-Cats have a strong desire as well with many on their side. It leaves this city in a great divide, because really when it comes down to it, this is really two separate projects. Am I wrong here?

I would like to see both sides realize their dream. However we feel about our council, I think the waterfront vision is a grand one. I think we all want to see it, but just don't like the way this is all playing out. Perhaps you are against the way Bob Young is seemingly strong-holding our council, but I too think his overall vision is right for his organizations needs. Perhaps not at a highway crossroads, but more accessible.

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