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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted July 12, 2010 at 21:24:03

Please allow me to expand the descriptive senselessness of Mr. Innes' quoted comment using McKillop.

Unfortunately, logic is not a strong point of hippy dreamers, congenital liars and the braindead consumer herd... average greedy consumers, who occasionally vote.

To which Mr. Innes, in sinister perplexity wonders:

Who in Hamilton fits that description? Anybody....??? (Developers don't count as they aren't average.) Well, let me start the ball rolling.... i'd say, based on residential Hamilton being about 4/5ths suburbia, that 4/5ths of us fit that description.

Bob, all we can truly say concerning 4/5ths of Hamilton residents is that they are employed, retired or too young to be employed or retired. The remaining 1/5th is at or below the poverty line and doesn't count. That 1/5th doesn't have the resources necessary for over-consumption.

The solution, which globalized austerity predisposes, will seek to grow that impoverished 1/5th minority to a 4/5ths majority, "Burning sticks or twigs and dancing round a solar collector."

I'm sorry Bob, but as a frugal individual with an already smaller environmental footprint than 4/5ths of Hamilton's middle-aged men, I must still consider myself a hippy dreamer who may occasionally vote.

I do not totally agree with Mr. McKillop's doomsay, but I am completely opposed to Kiely's blind faith in science. I'll gladly take four 4 horses over another eclectic automobile any day. A horse runs on water and grass and excretes natural fertilizer as a by-product. We won't find any better science than that, so be patient as fresh water becomes the new oil and corn our new golden staff.

As William Empson wrote in his poem Missing Dates:

Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills…

The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.

Who can feel it's anything other than the worst of times when the Gulf of Mexico is set to die before our eyes. Alexander Cockburn

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