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By Another Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2010 at 11:46:11

I am a huge proponet of the Harbour front BUT (and you knew that was coming) this investment by Mr. Young cannot be ignored. $15 million is $15 million. The covering of costs is huge.

But here is another fact pointed out to me. The West Harbour has now become more valuable.

Much more can be done that acutally produces tax revenues and other things.

Maybe Setting Sail can finally be started down there, maybe an Ampitheatre can be built, maybe some money earmarked for the stadium can be transferred to the Harbour for cleanup (The city has yet not come up with it's portion for the Randle Reef cleanup)

As for Mr. Young, if you have ever visited the TiCat office on Jarvis there are about 100 people working there. Most do not work for the TiCats but Young's other companies.

These people have moved to Hamilton and I actually met two who bought condos in the core this month. We need more operations like this downtown.

Bottom line is we can't force people to be somewhere they don't want to be.

I see this as a potential win-win-win.

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