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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2010 at 21:43:45

Read all the articles. I commute by Cycle everyday all weather...well almost but walked "carefully" yesterday(?) poured rain carrying umbrella not a great invention as should be...
As for inviting visitors we need smoke free, rid pan handlers...yes far too many smokers yet far too much traffic too poluting air and ruining roads so I agree we need parking fees especially for drivers who live here NOT visitors BUT i CYCLE to TO when i can because I'm used to it. I'm NOT used to the poor road conditions and drivers are the main cause of it. I haven't been to James North for while when Art Crawl is on and I'm an artist. I heard it's car/traffic free so I guess I missed this month.
Trick really to NOT rely on paid parking is to get/convince local/visitors to $pend and retailer$ to keep price$ down!
As for those timid cyclists, i cycle in 'style' since mid 80s. drivers see me and I have eye to eye contact and some of U may know who I am but this isn't about me...
I don't need be Anonymous but it's just fun!....

Just grab one of my cards on Aberdeen.....

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