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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 23, 2010 at 17:40:57

Sounds good Kiely, especially item 2, sentence 3 in particular. Shades of Jane Jacobs.

Immigration is a bit trickier. To make things easier for immigrants, one has to address the standards issue. I'll be the first to say we are way over regulated (standards unnecessarily high) but that is a different issue than the actual capabilities of professionals. Given your comment elsewhere about engineers' lack of practicality, would you want more engineers coming from cultures with more of a class system that can develop a real bias against practical (hands on) experience much more than is ingrained here? That's a specific foreign value on my list - despite the same attitude can be found in individuals here.

But I have a different take on the entire issue of bringing professionals in - what else is new! I'm sure most readers here (besides me) are supportive of Canada's foreign aid program and think we should do more. I ask instead, what on earth are we doing vacuuming professionals out of countries we should be giving more aid to? Either we should just admit we like pillaging poor countries and cancel all aid, or we should stop robbing their expensively trained and needed professionals as a first step in helping them help themselves. The curmudgeon in me would rather be a proud pillager than a sniveling hypocrite! Then we wont have to lower our standards so they can work here, no? Similarly, as practical, I thtink we could require our own grads to work as needed in underserved communities for some period of time.

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