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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 22, 2010 at 09:08:04

I suppose your founding fathers question is really asking me if i'm Canadian or American ... or perhaps a trick question invoking a consideration of native issues. - Bob Innes

Not at all Bob, it is an honest question. You keep mentioning "founding fathers" but I'm not really sure who you are referring to. As a dual citizen myself I don't really care if you're an American and I promise I'm not going to pull the "but the natives were here first" trump card on you.

Maybe i mistook your stance as blaming us wasps. I tried to guess what your solution was and would be delighted to have you lay it out. - Bob Innes

I rarely debate from the extreme points of view Bob (which I believe blaming it all on WASPS or all on immigrants would be). At the same time I do not claim to have all the solutions, (or sometimes any). Solutions may well involve a change in our immigration and refugee systems, changes in attitudes of both Canadians and immigrants, trying to understand why immigrants do not get involved in our institutions and why they do not stay in Hamilton,(again maybe that has something to do with both sides). I'm not blaming any one group of people I am asking - what can we do to make this process better? Because it appears like it isn't working at a time when we need it to work better than ever.

Neither making excuses for the status quo nor blaming the WASPS is going to accomplish that.

Careful with the tea baggers Bob... that is a motley crew ; )

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