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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 21, 2010 at 17:07:24

Kiely: As i said earlier, i'll run with any good idea, regardless of the source/originator. So i can easily acknowledge bad groups are concerned about the same problems as me. Am i supposed to fall into the politically correct camp for this reason? Just to make you and Highwater happy?

I suppose your founding fathers question is really asking me if i'm Canadian or American ... or perhaps a trick question invoking a consideration of native issues. Whatever. As noted, I'm mostly sympathetic to the (US) tea baggers's aims, at least the initial aims i'm somewhat familiar with. No doubt the movement could morph into something nasty if unanswered concerns are allowed to fester. Naturally, in Canada, the discussion is more muted. This may be part of the problem since legit concerns are going unacknowledged here too.

Maybe i mistook your stance as blaming us wasps. I tried to guess what your solution was and would be delighted to have you lay it out. Regardless, I always get the idea that PC thinking seeks to bury our mostly British heritage/ rules/ customs/ institutions/ traditions and adopt anything else but - all hidden behind the banner of positivism/ multiculturalism. Seeing how the rest of the world is run, the apparent unsustainability of our 'culture/group' and considering what the newfangled globalist bankster ideas are, I think we should make haste much more slowly in disposing of Canada's historical 'structure' that we have not already dismantled.

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