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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted June 19, 2010 at 16:41:12


If you do buy into the idea that our eyes and minds often do play tricks on us - then I sincerely believe that you should get to know the thoughts and work of Robert Ezra Park":

"an American urban sociologist, one of the main founders of the original Chicago School of sociology - (sometimes described as the Ecological School)... which specialized in urban sociology, and research into the urban environment by combining theory and ethnographic fieldwork known for the development of the symbolic interactionist approach. It focused on human behavior as determined by social structures and physical environmental factors, rather than genetic and personal characteristics."

"The marginal one whom fate has condemned to live in two societies and in two, not merely different but antagonistic cultures....his mind is the crucible in which two different and refractory cultures may be said to melt and, either wholly or in part, fuse." [Robert E. Park, 1937]

"Go and sit in the lounges of luxury hotels and on the doorsteps of the flophouses; sit on the Gold Coast settees and on the slum shakedowns; sit in the Orchestra Hall and in the Star and Garter Burlesque. In short go and get the seat of your pants dirty in real research." [Robert Park, 1927]

Mahesh P. Butani

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