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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2010 at 20:08:04

We might be getting somewhere. Kiely said of me

I do not know how he came to his reasoning on this issue.

A first bit of humility -- very welcome. A good place to start the questions. Then...

I have had experience with others of similar (practically verbatim) reasoning and through closer involvement with them found their reasoning to be formed by one of the three factors I mentioned above (e.g., ignorance, racism, or stupidity).

I grew up in KW when the Heritage Front were prevalent, I had friends get lured by the seemingly benign rhetoric only to get led further down the rabbit hole to become racist skinheads.

I respect personal experience and I'm sure I would have felt the same as you had I been in the same shoes. But policy is a different matter. I don't care if an idea came from Jesus Christ or Hitler himself, I try to look at it independent of who offered it. Most people cannot or will not do that. These days, I'm trying to look more through the lens of history to see if an idea might be durable. All those wonderful modern economic ideas seem to be crumbling to pieces and I'm certainly wondering if all the new fangled social engineering will stand the test of time. Political correctness tops my list of bad ideas/ bad reasoning. Many folks here seem quite susceptible to PC.

So I liked your response to sharia, polygamy and pedophile priests. Touche. We agree on something at last.

Just please be more careful about assumptions you are making about my views/logic. Just because I support(ed) FCP does not say anything about my views on religion or diversity. At that time (before 2008) my concern did indeed focus on how the (nuclear) family is being impacted by all sorts of modern social and economic policies/ forces. I felt, and still feel they carry a needed perspective. But the world has moved on and larger battles loom.

Then you said - trying to paraphrase me:

I'm not racist, I just fear immigrants are going to destroy my superior White Anglo-Saxon way of life.

Take out the word 'white' and I'll be happy to wear that. As I said, skin colour makes no difference but methinks I'm supposed to be embarrassed not amazed at the institutions, history and gifts of AngloSaxon civilization/ culture - as modified by Canada's constitution and practices. What would you prefer? Globalism under the UN/IMF/ World Bank/ International court/ Climate Tax? Name a country? Why do you think foreigners emigrate here in the first place? Hard as it is for a deferential Canuck to believe, just maybe there is 'superior' stuff here worth preserving. Discard indeed, the bathwater of racism, but please, cherish the 'baby' that is Canada and the dream/ wisdom of the founding fathers - or whatever it is i'm supposed to call them!

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