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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 17, 2010 at 17:47:05

Kiely, I thought you might get it but for your edification, i am no longer an FCP candidate and the foreign values i object to might include sharia and polygamy. Are you in favour of sharia and polygamy? Coming to a province/ council near you as demographics change. Ask the prophet himself.

Not to mention all the ethnic gangs that contribute to our special mosaic. When we import "a people" we import more than their cuisine.

When I said "preponderance of the British portion of our heritage or more importantly, institutions" Butani thought i was referring to the tiny sliver of Canada that designs buildings and so shone a brilliant laser on that subject. To help our mayor hopeful and others not following my message, let me be clear: Neither I (nor i suspect, anyone here) bears any ill toward immigrants. But i and i think many other have a big problem with immigration policies, its parasitic industry, ethnic politicization, multiculturalism beyond the founder's intent and the erosion of the institutions at the core of Canadian history. I'm leaving affirmative action out of that list for now as any such policy needs careful and sparing application, subject to much debate. Mahesh, speaking of rushing, before you rush out your reply, you might take care to understand (or ask) exactly what others are saying and craft a response that both enhances your campaign and answers to the question. So far it looks like you are grinding an ax rather than showing mayoral qualities. Throwing out an hour long video on an unrelated topic is equally unimpressive. Try treating me/ us as (a) prospective voter instead.

Pity no one took up my challenge.

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