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By Armchair Urbanist (anonymous) | Posted June 17, 2010 at 09:53:47

Diversity? But then how will we get our own version of Portland in Southern Ontario?

Comrades, we need homophily, not diversity, if we're going to turn this City around! More people like us: who like drinking lattes and shopping for art; people with advanced degrees in subjects like Cultural Studies, who can loudly tout "the creative economy" while leaving our non-English-speaking neighbours to clean our offices for us (what better way for them to learn our hard-working, self-serving Protestant ethic!); we need people in this town willing to put up their trust funds as collateral for mortgages on decaying heritage properties and to fund start-up companies that work with ideas, not material objects; we need bike lanes to take us to markets where we can buy expensive organic food for our full bellies; and, above all, we desperately need more more jobs that sit us in front of computers all day, and lifestyles that lock us to them at night, allowing us to wax poetic about the white Utopia on the horizon--that, my friends, is the path to the promised land!

Portland North, here we come!!!

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