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By edb (anonymous) | Posted June 16, 2010 at 16:02:45

Being the son of immigrants (DP's to be more exact) I grew up understanding the difficulties encountered by newcomers. However, be for we get too warm and fuzzy here about the new wave of mostly 3rd world immigrants let's recognize a few things. First, many immigrants arriving after WW2 were INSTRUCTED where they could reside once processed. There were no immediate government cheques, free housing or teams of immigration lawyers lining up to defend the "rights" of the new comers the moment they felt slighted. Also, a great deal of immigrants from Europe came with LEGITIMATE credentials from recognized educational institutions and were still forced to "carry vacuums" due to language barriers. There were no protests, no human rights commissions and no lawsuits against the federal government for mistreatment. Yet this very generation happily worked, contributed, and to a certain extent assimilated while creating the civilized and productive society we ALL enjoy now. I challenge any reasonable person to explain the benefits whether social or economic
to abandoning the tradition of a European skilled based immigration policy to one that now panders to a large class of economic "refugees" with seemingly little interest of assimilating. Has anyone considered that these "white guys" everyone seems to be angry with or ashamed of have actually EARNED the positions in life they occupy? This country welcomed my family and for that they were always great full as am I. However, I refuse to be quilted into supporting any initiatives or policies fueled by an ethnocentric class determined to undermine the stability of our relatively functional society in order to further an agenda apparently based on race and divsion.

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