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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2010 at 15:01:27

I am no Gandhi!

Although Gandhi’s life has left a deep impact on mine, and I am privileged to share the same birth date with him – his approach to unleashing change in society was immensely more nuanced then what I will ever be capable of summoning.

How would have Gandhi handled discrimination today? How would have Rosa Parks today, handled her right to be treated equally, since that fateful day on December 1, 1955?

We can only guess that it would have been in the very same way they did back then – since the politics of marginalizing humans, has not changed much since Adam and Eve were marginalized by the power structure – for simply acting out on what their minds considered was right.

We all are guilty of saying that the power structure fails to change with the times. The fact is - time never changes, a few among us simply fail to evolve in time.

Those that walked before us left conclusive proof of the enormous damage that is done to society from the act of marginalizing humans.

From acts of disrespecting humans – springs disrespect for the planet itself. Most among us have learned that this is the true starting point for sustainability on our planet.

A few however continue to believe that power comes from: subjugation of a few who they do not consider to be equal; and the manipulation of the many who they patronize.

How do we change those who continue to hold humanity back? We don’t. We simply expose such individuals and take power away from them. I did tell you, I am no Gandhi.

The lives of many like Gandhi and Rosa Park has given us a system that has served us well enough. If it did not, anarchy would certainly be prevailing.

What Gandhi and Rosa Park probably may not have told us is that our planet is dying. We know that now.

Policies for respecting people, the planet – the city and the very life that we all seek in it, have already been written up many times over.

Time will not change even after the earth dies. We cannot wait for evolution of the human mind to bring change on this planet – for we are running out of time.

PS: Thank you Christopher for your thoughts!

The City of Hamilton has been making serious efforts to break the cycle of abuse. They have come up with this web portal so far. And possibly this group too.

However they cannot tackle such a serious issue on their own.

A much more effective group that was set up earlier - the Hamilton's Media Advisory Council. unfortunately has left much to be desired after having seen their conduct so far in this election. This group needs to start addressing this issue much in the the same way that you have here - if they are at all serious about our community's well-being.

It is only from such honesty that you have shown in your writing here that real change can come to Hamilton.

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