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By Kiely (registered) | Posted May 06, 2010 at 12:16:16

It's interesting that when people compare jobs they always use the "steel industry" to the "bedroom community" as the example. - Donald

Guilty, I used them as well but mainly because that's how the debate I was referring to was being framed… there is more to it than that though Donald you're right.

There are 100s of these examples that have contributed to the jobless rates in the City...while we justify such with, out-of-date workforce" which can be said about any city's population, but the fact remains that the aforementioned issues tarnish this cities perception of being open for business. - Donald

Yep, good points Donald. Getting the people is a big part but there are plenty of other things that prevent business growth and increase the jobless rate: zoning, licensing, difficult bureaucracy, etc… all play a part.

My use of "out-of-date workforce" is only in reference to the attempt to shift the types of business we can attract, let me clarify that it is not an excuse for the entire jobless rate. We can still attract businesses with our current workforce, but they will likely be of the variety already present here and I happen to be cynical about the future of manufacturing and industrial jobs depending on "unskilled" or manual labour.

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