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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 06, 2010 at 11:39:29

It's interesting that when people compare jobs they always use the "steel industry" to the "bedroom community" as the example. But let me give you one, there is an situation at present where a restaurant is attempting to open. The licensing process will take up to three months before the owners will get the ok. While they sit and wait, no work on renovations will take place until all the paper work is complete and then another 2 to 3 months before the renovations are complete. Is there not something wrong with this picture. This is a simple procedure, while many have just walked away due to such delays and have opened in Burlington or other localities out side of this City.

Others site "out-of-date workforce" but the reality is that 30% of the workforce is leaving this city daily...Lets consider the fiasco that centered around Maple Leaf and it's endeavor which would have provided 200 jobs plus. In the process of amalgamation there was a cucumber plant in Dundas but the city would not allow them to expand and rather than work with them that simply said No..they move to Brantford.

There are 100s of these examples that have contributed to the jobless rates in the City...while we justify such with,out-of-date workforce" which can be said about any city's population, but the fact remains that the aforementioned issues tarnish this cities perception of being open for buisness.

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