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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2010 at 14:36:50

"but I think it starts with demanding protection for our jobs." will never work in the long term or short term. Business has always and will always be about profits, therefore you will never make slaves out of business and if you push that cart they will close and move to where they can make a profit or they will find other investments where that can: though that may not mean having employees. What I think will work is to come up with a formula that will counterbalance offers that make it attractive for business to relocate and if we could go one better is a long term formula that attracts business to the area. It's far better to have 1000 people working than adding a 2% tax, those 1000 employees will intern will provide a greater return and long term stability. Moreover, business have a greater potential to grow and may attract others and may themselves grow. What this city failed to recognize was diversity, placing it's eggs in one basket. As I stated in another post.

"What this City need is a broker to bring business to this city and to deal with all the red tape and barriers that are fundamental discouraging business to locate or relocate in this City. It has been apparent that the present councilors don't have the skills and anyone that does, has no intention of applying."

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