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By Seedling (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2010 at 14:04:46

Staying anonymous I have to say that the negative Boston Pizza comments I'm reading here about Hamilton have been, in my experience, most often attributed to Mississauga. I'll discount them.

I grew up in Hamilton and attended Mac many moons ago. I got a weekend job delivering beer for the Brewer's Warehousing. I loved the job and the culture that I saw driving the downtown routes, and went back to participate in as the clubs opened in the evenings. I heard amazing stories which, as a not-terribly-successful author I've tried to write about now and again. Mind you, the city centre has declined since then, but I still find echoes of earlier and often lamented times and I'm not afraid to visit in order to hear them. I just do not get this unsafe imagery I so often hear about, but then I'm male and a rather large one, and maybe to old to be attracted by it. I know the types of incidents I do hear about are not in any way limited to The Hammer.

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