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By fender (registered) | Posted April 30, 2010 at 03:52:05

I think that Hamilton will benefit from the LRT.. Not so much the Pan Am games. I think the games will put us into debt like Donald J lester said. I think that people will look at our city and what a pain in the ass transit is their. Look at how our current Public tranist is run, granted we get a bus every 20 minutes or so but look at all the potential it could havel, look what it could do for our city/... and here we are worrying about the pan am games. its one instance in our city that could make us millions or cost us millions and its a big gamble.. just like the arizona cyotoes for crying out loud.. get your minds together and make some sense of our city and look what we can benefit from and treat Hamilton as it should be as a city and not as a town like Burlington or whatnot. Have a real transportation system for the city instead of just merley buses.. we need to get our stuff together and actually do something instead of humming and hawing...

Sorry for the rant but it needs to be said.

Dan from Market and Hess....

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