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By A Tree (anonymous) | Posted April 29, 2010 at 15:17:59

"Do one-metre-tall shrubberies count?"

They will not count many young trees or shrubs because it is easier not to and it will make their numbers sound better. But they do count from an environmental perspective.

The communication is lousy because there is no real interest in letting people know. By the time everything is figured out the cutting will begin.

Trees still have no value in this city except to firms hired to cut them down. We have no tree protection bylaw thanks to a weak city council and a strong developer inddustry. We have a woefully outdated city tree maintenance program as we would rather pave everything and sprawl than look after what we have. We have a largely uncncerned public unwilling to challenge destructive policies or even work together to protect their neighbourhood let alone their city leaving such efforts to the same few people/organizations again and again until they are worn out.

Our urban forest is sadly undersized and underappreciated. While water is essential our methods of aquiring it is artificial and can be changed. Losing trees is losing air, something we cannot live without especially in this polluted city, and trees take years to grow but minutes to kill.

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