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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2010 at 18:43:18

As a teacher in a fairly affluent, but predictable, Mississauga neighbourhood, I often hear remarks about Ham town, but its easy to see where these comments arise. It's from the kind of generic place where you can readily find a Boston Pizza, Esso, and TimmyHos's nearby. I often get feedback from my students who attend McMaster. The downtown is "sketchy" and downtown has "scary people that make me feel uncomfortable". They are kids and don't really know anything other than their Boston Pizza world and the urban environment of their reluctantly adopted home town. On the other hand, my wife came to Mac from a small northern town, and she developed a real love for this place. I have several friends that are under 30 that have moved from other places and they enjoy and love the city - even downtown. On the other hand, i know many people closer to my own age (mid 30s) that have no idea what great entertainment is in the city, and would never go downtown unless they were dragged kicking and screaming. We have to sell Hamilton to Hamiltonians first. Open-minded and intelligent students have always embraced the city. Many will happily keep their minds closed- it makes them feel better to say they belong to Toronto, even if they never go there either!

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