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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted April 23, 2010 at 10:21:13

Jenny, I take your 'luddite' status...and raise it a few chips.

I agree with (and laughed at) what you wrote. I've tried to explain some of these online goings on to my father, but it's tough; much of this is generational. And as Ryan pointed out, it runs the gamut. (For an intriguing insight on Facebook, there's a film coming out called 'Social Network', written by Aaron Sorkin ('The West Wing') and directed by David Fincher ('Fight Club'). I've read the screenplay and it really puts into perspective just how much things have changed since the turn of the millennium.) What's most difficult is trying to explain why, if the Internet is capable of bringing the rest of the world so much closer, have we collectively developed more isolating Life-patterns. Never mind a blurring of context regarding what 'friendships' and 'relationships' really are. (There's an essay in this from my POV, but I'll not weigh down the discussion with it. That just wouldn't be good Netiquette, now would it...?)

I said I'll raise you a few chips because my slant about 'modern electronic culture' includes seeing mobile communication (cell phones) as the biggest drug the general population has been introduced to...since cigarettes. And again, propriety has me leaving it at that...and going outside to chat with my neighbour.

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